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County Civil
Can I file a case for someone else or in someone else's behalf?
I want to evict my son, daughter, girlfriend etc. from my house that I am living in. How do I do that?
Can an adult sue a minor? or Can a minor sue an adult?
Someone hit my car and I want to sue their insurance company for my repair bills.
What happens at a pretrial hearing and what is a pretrial hearing?
How does Mediation work?
Can my landlord evict me when there are so many repairs that need to be made?
I am being evicted and I was told I have to be out tomorrow, is this true?
I found out that there is a Judgment against me. How do I pay it off and who do I pay it to? How much do I pay? Why wasn't I notified that I have a judgment against me?
When a drivers license is revoked due to a Judgment, does it last only for the life of the Judgement?
Can I pay rent into the Court Registry if the Landlord has not filed an eviction yet?
I am a landlord and the tenant left property in the premises when they moved. Can I throw their stuff out if they have moved?
Can I withhold my rent payment until they fix the house or apartment?
When my rent is due again, do I have to come back again?
How long does it take the Sheriff to serve papers?
I bought a car and they won't give me a title. How do I get a title?
The company I want to sue is not listed with the Secretary of State in Tallahassee. How can I find out who the proper party is to sue?
I only have one address for the person I want to sue and they are not there anymore. How do I find out where they are?
What is the difference between the Sheriff serving and a Process Server serving papers?
How do I reschedule a hearing that I cannot attend?
Can I serve a summons myself?
My car is being held in a repair shop and I have a payment dispute with the shop over the bill. How can I get my car back without paying the repair shop?
My car was towed without my permission. The towing company is holding my car for the towing and storage charges. How can I get my car released?
My television and VCR (or any personal property) are in a repair shop to be fixed. The shop will not release my property to me unless I pay what they are asking. I do not agree with the bill. How do I get my property out of the shop?
Can I go to Mediation if I have not filed a lawsuit?
I cannot afford to get an attorney and I need to have some legal questions resolved. Are there any free legal services available?
Someone owes me money and will not pay me. Can I file a lawsuit to get my money?
I am the owner of a house and I am renting a house to a couple with two children. They have not paid me rent in two months. Can I have them evicted even though they have children?